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Trump in 2020?

January 1, 2019

It appears that at least at this early date, 2016 Trump voters will have their guy’s back in 2020, if for no other reason than to oppose Democrats, but they do have some caveats.

“Mary” put it this way.

Yes, but this time he’s got to run against their policies and lay off the schoolboy taunts. Who cares about Warren’s DNA at this point?  The big thing is they are anti-American, anti-white and pro socialism.”

“Martha” thinks he could be smarter about his tweeting.

Sometimes I think he throws out stuff on Twitter to see how the public responds and then adjusts accordingly. Other times I think he just attacks Democrats on a personal basis, and not over their ridiculous politics. We already know the Dems are against Trump and everyone who voted for him. I totally get why he uses Twitter, because the MSM press won’t give him a fair shake and they lie about him. I just think he could use it smarter.”

“Lonnie” says Trump has exposed Democrats and for that reason alone he would vote for him.

Before we thought Democrats, and yes, some Republicans were corrupt, self-serving and anti-American.  Now we know they are all that and more. Who else would I vote for?”

“Jake” offered this advice.

Don’t back down on the “wall” whatever you do. We already have lots of tech gadgets on the border and they don’t stop s–t. I live on the border and there’s more illegals in my town than citizens and believe me, they aren’t choir boys.”

“Marty” thinks it can’t all be about immigration.

Listen, he has a lot of good ideas about healthcare and health insurance , but he’s got to get Congress to pass some stuff. He’s got to show that like immigration, Democrats just want absolute control over us and our healthcare, and pound on stopping that every minute of every day in the campaign. His own party let him down over Obamacare, and he’s got to get them in line too.”

And  it goes on like that.

In short they don’t think he’s perfect, and they aren’t shy about telling him so. But even more than in 2016, they still don’t see any alternative.

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