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Romney ramblings.

January 2, 2019

To absolutely no one’s surprise,  Senator-elect Mitt Romney has firmly planted himself into Congress as a confirmed anti-Trumper.

His op-ed in the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post did give Trump some faint praise for  few things the President has done, but made no secret of the fact that he thinks Trump is too coarse and lacks the good manners and gentility to be a President.

It’s too early to tell whether Romney will, as he says “…support policies that I believe are in the best interest of the country and my state,…” Given the tenor and tone of the rest of the article, it’s hard to take him at his word at this point, but then even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

This is one of the things that drove many voters to Trump in the first place.

We’ve had our share of “nice” Presidents.  Jimmy Carter is one of the nicest, most genteel people on earth, but that didn’t make him a good President.

Looking back, it has been some of our less genteel Presidents who made some of the most consequential decisions.

Lyndon Johnson was about as foul-mouthed and coarse as any one man could be, but he made desegregation happen.

Ask any Trump voter if they would have liked to have had a candidate with the inherent niceness of a Jimmy Carter and the resolve and good instincts of Trump, and they’ll tell you of course they would. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t running in 2016.

As mentioned yesterday, even Trump’s base sometimes finds him jarring, but they still support his policies.

Trump’s voters, even the ones that didn’t decide to vote for him until they were actually standing in the voting booth, do not find him to be “anti-immigrant,” and they back him 100% on controlling illegal immigration.

Romney on the other hand has no problem with hanging the anti-immigrant, racist or misogynistic labels on the President in his op-ed. And that’s in spite of the U.S. having accepted approximately two million legal immigrants since Trump took office.

Interestingly many Trump voters did not vote in 2012, choosing to stay home rather than voting for Romney.  Their reason was that he was seen to be a push-over, willing to capitulate to foreign powers rather than being seen as being too harsh or mean.

So here we are.  Do we need and want “nice” over and above all other qualities? Romney seems to think so.

Some of the rest of the country, not so much.


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