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The truth about border defense.

January 7, 2019

As we continue to be beset with the drivel that is the Democrat party line about illegal immigration , one of their arguments in particular is worthy of mention.

That is their contention that a wall is much too archaic and yes, immoral to be of any value. Much better to use drones.

Drones are trendy, and they are certainly more modern than a “wall,” but they are essentially just a fancy form of a guy with binoculars.

Some cats are damn good sensors. Drive onto to my place and I will know it before you get out of your car. A neighbor has a little dog that performs the same function.

You could probably buy a lot of cats or dogs for the price of a drone, and no one could call them immoral.

Neither piece of modernity will stop someone from entering at all or arrest a border jumper, making them just as ineffective as a “wall” for controlling  illegal entry.

Actually, there are some kinds of drones that could stop a illegal crosser, but there wouldn’t be much left to arrest if we used those.

No matter what we use to DETECT border jumpers, what stops them once they get in are the guys and gals working for CPB.

Unless you have shoulder to shoulder CBP officers backing up those drones and sensors they are going to be every bit as ineffective as a “wall,” because they don’t keep the intruders out.

So let’s differentiate between stopping and catching illegal entrants.

If you really wanted to STOP illegal entry, what you would use is land mines. The first few people to try crossing the border would be a bit inconvenienced, but hey, we wouldn’t have to find a place to store them for 20 days, or space on a bus for them. We wouldn’t need more Border Patrol personnel either.

Once the word got out, there wouldn’t be very many people breaching the border and they sure wouldn’t be bringing their kids.

It was interesting to hear some nitwit politician say that we shouldn’t be wasting our military  by using them to defend our borders. Apparently, our military is only to be used to go into a foreign land and play whack-a-mole with people that don’t like us, or to defend some other country’s border.

The truth is, no one in Washington wants to stop illegal entry. At best they want to catch them, and there is no reason a “wall” isn’t just as useful to assist in effecting that as a drone.

At worst they don’t want to stop them at all.

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