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California goes all in on socialism, sanctuary.

January 8, 2019

Even some of his own citizens are wondering if Gavin Newsom just declared California a nation-state, according to one of the state’s newspapers.

That’s not exactly a surprise, seeing as Sacramento has been acting that way for at least a decade.

Indeed, one Nevada resident noted that if we just walled off California, we could cut illegal immigration by at least half.

That’s likely to become even more true, now that Newsome has committed to healthcare for all, including up to one-and-a-half million undocumented residents.

It’s possible that by doing so, he hopes to stem the numbers of people leaving the state.

Of course this isn’t going to be free.  Somebody has to pay for it and he took a step toward financing it by reinstituting the individual mandate. Some say he will also substantially raise taxes on businesses and the wealthy, and like France’s Macron, add a hefty tax on fossil fuels. Perhaps we’ll get more details after he releases his budget on Thursday, or perhaps he will just sneak the taxes in as he needs to do so.

All that’s fine, as long as the majority of Americans don’t find themselves on the hook to support the state.

California gets beaucoup Federal  (meaning our tax) dollars, just like every other state in the nation.

If the governor wants to go it alone on immigration and healthcare, it might just be time to let the state secede and go it alone.

Despite supposedly having a budget surplus largely derived from its high rate of taxation, the state has a lot of systemic problems.

Newsome wasn’t dumb enough (yet) to actually secede from the Union, but he has put the state in a position to be blocked from receiving some Federal money, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare and disaster relief.

This could well turn out to be one of the next bones of contention for Washington.

Does the Federal government pay blackmail to keep the state count at 50, or does it let California swing all the way left and hope it doesn’t infect the rest of the country?

Many would say let Newsom do his thing without Federal assistance, and check in on it in five years.  Perhaps Cali can show the rest of the country what will happen if it becomes the new Venezuela.

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