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Circus, circus.

January 9, 2019

Some people in the media wonder out loud why the President would even bother with a televised appearance about border security, given that he’s on Twitter nonstop.

That exposes a kind of occupational hazard.  Meaning that if you follow politics closely, which Musings certainly does, you can easily forget that for a lot of people it’s just not a focus point. That’s not an intentional slight, it just goes with the territory.

Believe it or not a large majority of the population is not glued to Twitter or the internet. They are busy with things like jobs, their kid’s after school activities, or their own hobbies.

But they will watch a short TV presentation by any President if for no other reason than after all, it is the President. And of course it superseded their early evening shows, so hey, why not watch?

We have no idea what sort of “share” the Oval Office address got, but if our research counts for anything, apparently a lot of people did tune in, even those outside the U.S.

How those people reacted was naturally influenced by their personal opinion of both the issue and the man.

So we spent some time asking around.  Did the average, nonpolitical person get anything out of the presentation?

Many people said they were surprised that as one man said, “He wasn’t foaming at the mouth and pounding his shoe on the desk.”

Also interesting was that they were not very impressed by the Bobbsey Twins (or was it Ma and Pa Kettle) who came on camera after his speech.

The general impression?  “Good God, no wonder nothing ever gets solved in Washington.”

As for the argument itself, no one we talked to thinks illegal immigration is a nothing burger.

They identified strongly with the President when he said “People don’t build walls (around their homes) because they hate the people outside, but because they love the people inside.” (For those who may not have been at home to watch, Time has the full transcript here.)

The real question for the country is, will the presentation do any good?

Sadly, probably not.

Let us remember that a politically powerful few have made it their life’s work to get rid of Trump, and no amount of common sense or public pressure will matter unless that pressure comes from their own voter base.

So far as compromise goes, the Democrats and Socialists spell that s-u-r-r-e-n-d-e-r.

At some point there will be more sympathy for the relatively innocent Federal employees than there is blame against the people pushing for open borders and free stuff for the undocumented border jumpers.

If the MSM can jigger that more against the President, and people buy that line, Trump will have to give more than he wants to in order to end the stalemate, and he’s already given up more than the rabid righters like Ann Coulter wanted him to give.

For the equally rabid left, he can’t possibly give too much, up to and including dropping dead on camera.

For the present however, most of Middle America seems to be on his side, and his job is to keep it that way.

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