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TGIF – January 11, 2019.

January 11, 2019

Graham says “sic ’em”

When even Lindsay Graham gives up on Congress, it says a lot more than just that he’s frustrated over the border wall battle.

Yeah, that’s what’s in the news today, but it also signifies that even Graham no longer believes in the ability of Congress to compromise with the President.

Numerous sources have reported that the President has offered to take less than the 5.7 billion dollars, and has offered up a pretty detailed roadmap for how that money will be spent, including more judges, more Border Patrol personnel, and more housing for detained immigrants, but he will not give up on spending part of it on the “wall.”

According to news reports  the Schulosi group’s response to that has been basically “screw you.”

As far as the whole border defense thing goes, it’s obvious that there are places where a wall or barrier is appropriate. Anyone with an IQ above their baby shoe size can see that.

But the larger question, and the one the Trump administration is going to have to tackle sooner rather than later, is what to do about the organized effort to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States.

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican problem; it’s an American problem.

As is obvious from the few published texts between the DOJ lovebirds, there is a faction in the country that decided even before Trump was elected that they didn’t dare allow him to govern.

Call it a soft coup or whatever you like, if allowed to succeed, it reduces the United States to the level of any other third world cesspool, and it’s time it was dealt with and exposed.

Do Dems have a tiger by the tail?

AOC vs. the establishment Democrats. Luscious.

Calling AOC a Democrat is about as accurate as calling Vladimir Putin a Christian aid worker.

She is a straight-up Socialist and doesn’t pretend to be anything else, so good luck to Dems in trying to stuff her into the party strait jacket.

The not-really-so-young (she can see 30 pretty easily) New York representative is also representative of many of the last decade’s college graduates.

These are the up and coming class of carefully groomed and socialism indoctrinated politicians we will have to deal with over the next half century or so.

Nancy Pelosi she damn well isn’t.

Hurray for Jayme.  

No matter how positive law enforcement say they have been, the fact that Jayme Closs managed to both survive and escape is not the way these things usually go.

Chalk up her survival to her will to live.  We wish you the best of life going forward, Jayme.

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