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No surprises here.

January 14, 2019

Once again we have the Democrats and MSM shrieking RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA., and CNN decrying President Trump’s displeasure with the NYT article.

Neither we the public nor the President should be surprised, given that this was going to happen as soon as Democrats gained the majority in the House.

In the meantime, we have the Schulosi’s perpetrating an infantile argument over whether  “border security” should include any physical barrier.

Which brings up the question, how long before John Q. Public decides to just write off the whole government?

Not many really care anymore about the Mueller report. They assume that whichever way Mueller decides it won’t change much on the Hill.

Trump haters will still hate Trump, and Trump backers will still back Trump. The Special Counsel will just be a moderately expensive exercise in political gamesmanship, which was all it ever was in the first place.

Looking forward ( or dreading, depending on your views) to the 2020 elections, it will be interesting to see whether voter apathy results in further gains for the Socialists or whether they get slapped down by an electorate heartily sick of the status quo.

One hopes it is the latter.  We really don’t need any more bird-brained women playing at being a naïve little girl or more foul-mouthed anti-Semitic, anti-American women elected to Congress.

And we certainly don’t need open borders or amnesiac old politicians who think we can’t remember when voting for a border barrier, (or wall or fence, your choice), was a vote getter.

Maybe what we do need are some yellow vests.

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