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Ah, Washington.

January 15, 2019

It appears that the DOJ may finally get an attorney general who is his own man.

William Barr did a pretty decent job of telling his inquisitors that he would wear no one’s brand today.

Despite being badgered incessantly by Democrats to agree to recuse himself on anything Mueller, being asked about his views on torture, and having to bring some people up short on what the law requires on releasing the Mueller report, Barr pretty much held his own.

He also made it clear that trying to threaten him was going to be pretty much a waste of time. After all, he was getting ready to retire, and doesn’t need the job in any way, shape or form. As he said, he’s 68, not 45.

Likewise he made it clear that he wasn’t auditioning for the job.

There were some moments when GOP members questioned him on his long and apparently close friendship with Mueller, something many Republicans feel might be a problem going forward.

It would be nice if President Trump could have reached outside the Washington conclave to find a nominee.

Failing that, and if you take Barr at his word, a person dedicated to the law instead of politics  might be a good pick.

But there is that ubiquitous if.

Since Barr is pretty much assured of confirmation, time will tell if this is a home run or a foul ball.

Speaking of foul balls, or maybe just foul ups, one has to wonder if the Schulosi twins are trying to own the shutdown.

For three weeks now, Trump has been offering this or that incentive to bring them to the bargaining table, to no avail.

This is your classic “irrrestible force meets immovable object.”

Trump isn’t going to be conned as Ronald Reagan was by reopening the government on the vague promise by Schulosi to “discuss” funding for the border barrier.

The Schulosi twins on the other hand have painted themselves into a corner with their infantile comments denying that facts presented on crimes committed by illegal immigrants are true, not to mention the “not even $1 for the wall” quip.

And this in the face of another caravan. Great optics there, twins.

Nevertheless, by refusing to even allow any Democrats to meet with Republicans and the President over a working lunch today, they simply appear to be childish.

In the meantime 800,000 people are caught in the middle.

Ah, Washington. And you wonder why people hate you.

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