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Observations from Main Street.

January 16, 2019

Californians, take note.

Seen on an Ada County (ID) bumper sticker:

Californians – Stay home and fix your state instead of coming here to f—k up ours.

This may be in response to reports that cash-flush Californians are drastically driving up real estate prices in the Boise area, to the point that locals can’t afford to buy a home.

Some people are calling these interstate travelers Republican refugees fleeing California’s hard left politics, but people who live in the areas they are targeting say that isn’t necessarily true.

“Henry” who lives in a suburb of Boise says his new California neighbors purchased a 5 acre ranchette, offering nearly $100,000 above the $310K asking price to outbid another buyer.

He says these people are more like an advance guard than refugees. “They hadn’t been here two weeks before they were telling us how California transplants like them could ‘help promote diversity’ in the area”

People in other targeted states like Arizona have offered similar observations.

The hell of it is, they think the rubes are too dumb to notice.

Really, Madame Speaker?

The Speaker of the House sent a letter to President Trump today, asking him not to give the State of the Union address to Congress, citing security concerns.

Her reason?

She was worried about security because the Secret Service and Homeland Security personnel aren’t  getting paid.

However, she neglected to do any homework to see if those security people were ready and able to provide their normal overwatch duties.

Kind of like how she didn’t bother to talk to Border Patrol agents about their opinions on a border barrier.

Turns out the security measures are as good as ever, having been in the development stage for months.

There is something truly rich about her concerns for security, when it’s HER security.

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