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You’re grounded!

January 17, 2019

Sometimes you just have to sit back and chuckle.

We refer to President Trump withdrawing permission for Nancy Pelosi to use a military jet to junket around overseas.

To be perfectly frank, many Americans have a problem with members of Congress using military assets for their own personal use, such as flying home. The Speaker doesn’t work for the State Dept., so it is hard to see what legitimate business she could have overseas.

Actually the House Speaker isn’t truly grounded; she can still fly commercial, or even buy her own jet.

Ostensibly the President’s decision was made because with Pelosi overseas, there will be no chance for her to cooperate in performing her governance duties at home, i.e. working on the border wall issue or the partial government shutdown.

Not that she has any intention of doing that anyway. More than likely, unless she heard of a great shoe sale in Paris, she’s planning to use the trip to undermine Trump.

All along there have been people warning that Democrats need to be careful about overplaying their hand when it comes to working against the President.

It’s becoming patently obvious that they already have.

The petty, childish attempt to stop the President from delivering the SOTU address, the insistence that there be no compromise on including barriers in border security as well as the many snarky comments is wearing thin with Americans.

We hate Trump is not a strategy for governing the country.

It’s no wonder that it’s hard to believe that opening the government, even for just three weeks, would produce any substantive progress on funding border barriers.

In fact if you believe that, we know where there is a nice used bridge for sale.

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