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TGIF – January 18, 2019.

January 18, 2019

How many of these people do we need?

It’s unlikely anyone would like working for free, much less under a compulsion to do so.

That being said, almost all Americans are not OK with the partial government shut down as it relates to people having to work without pay because they are “essential.”

But what about those “nonessential workers?”

One of the departments being discussed is the FDA.

Do we get our money’s worth from them? Considering the reported 10% increase in the number of foodborne illnesses in the past 72 months, we wonder.

Lately it has seemed like we are warned against lettuce or chicken or something almost every week. In fact, these foodborne illnesses are killing 3,000 people a year according to the reports.


Is it that there are a whole lot of irresponsible farmers and processors, or is it because the USDA and FDA aren’t doing a good job of detecting problems before the products make it to store shelves?

We don’t know, but before we call all these nonessential people back, maybe we should find out if we need them.

Why are you here, House member?

If your Congressional representative is back at home already, perhaps you should ask them why.

Monday, Jan. 21 is a Federal holiday, but the House is taking off from then until February 5, according to Roll Call’s congressional calendar. Many actually took off much earlier.

That makes it very hard to see how any meetings or votes could take place for at least the next two weeks.

We don’t have a problem with elected representatives going home for a day or two every few months to collect constituent input.

In 2017, the full Congress worked 145 days out of an available 261. That’s a pretty good deal, if you can get it, for $174,000 a year.  In fact it works out to $1200 a day.

Maybe locking everyone in a room until they get border security and funding for a border barrier  ironed out so we can end the government shutdown is a pretty good idea.

It would sure make life easier for ranchers and property owners whose property abuts said border. It would also cut down on the number of dead immigrants and prayer rugs CBP has to pick up from those rancher’s land.

And finally – ISIS isn’t dead.

ISIS isn’t dead, it’s just relocating. ISIS and other radical jihadi groups are not dead. Would it could be so, but it isn’t. However, pinning our troops down to any single geographic region isn’t going to do much to make that happen.

That said, we wonder why every single administration, including this one, finds it necessary to blab our military plans. Loose lips sink ships.

Who needs spies, when you’ve got Twitter or the New York Times?


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