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January 21, 2019

It’s been quite a weekend for the MSM and the anti-social media.. Actually these span more than just the weekend, but who’s keeping score?

One pile of poop has to be the Buzzfeed story. This sounded “off” from the get-go. If Buzzfeed wants to prove it is legit, they might have to burn their sources, whose last names might start with “C”, “M” or “O.” (How’s that for rank speculation?)

Then there is the “Red Meat eaters killing the planet” meme.   We note that one of the reasons humans developed bigger (if not necessarily better) brains was the addition of protein-rich red meat to their diet. Does this mean that white meats like pork and fowl don’t contribute to global warming? Ever smelled hog and chicken poop?

We also couldn’t omit the creatively edited “tribal elder” story. We understand that the students have been offered free legal representation if they want it.

And finally, the several new “caravans” making their way through Mexico, heading for the U.S. border. One man was interviewed who said point blank that the U.S. has no right to stop them from  entering, or to beef up the walls. He clearly already knows that the border is closed to illegal entry, he just doesn’t care. Makes you wonder when we can call this an invasion instead of migration.

There’s several more, including the President’s efforts to keep the Speaker of the House corralled in Washington, where she’s at least available to negotiate with after his speech.

Speaking of her Speakerness, she sure has a problem accepting facts that don’t fit her TDS crusade, reportedly blowing off the DHS claim that the Secret Service is fully prepared to provide security for the SOTU address.

Numero Uno.

But the big one of course is the reaction to the President’s Saturday address to both the nation and Democrats, laying out his plan to arrive at some sort of solution to both the government shutdown and the border security issue.

Why is this silly s—t? Because Democrats including his Schumerness had already said the propositions in it were a no-go before the cameras even went live.

If Democrats are so afflicted with TDS that they made up their minds in advance to reject it, perhaps they should be removed from office and committed to a facility that can treat it.

The talking heads, i.e. media commentators including some at Fox, immediately decided that the address was only made for the purpose of shifting blame for the shutdown to Democrats.

OK, fair enough. Maybe that was part of the motive, but there was a lot of compromise on Trump’s part as well.

In a normal world, the points made in the address would be made in private meetings between the legislative and executive branches.  The fact that the President’s offer had to made live on television speaks to how totally f—–d up this government we are forced to support with our tax dollars really is.

Case in point. The President said that mothers were giving their daughters birth control pills before they start on these caravans because they know they have a good chance of being raped.   He also said 1 in 3 women report being sexually abused on these marches.

The Fox commentator, Arthel Neville, “fact-checked” those two statements on the spot by saying she had never heard that said before. Actually that claim has been reported before, by NGOs, Border Control agents and DHS as well as Amnesty International (check out page 15, Section 2  of their PDF, online)as far back as 2010.  So if it isn’t true perhaps she had better find a bone to pick with those groups. Either that or clean out her ears.

Maybe you don’t like the “solutions” in the President’s address. That’s your right. But this crap has to come to a full stop and if it doesn’t, perhaps we should cut off the blood supply, also known as our tax dollars, until it does.


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