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Where were the adults?

January 23, 2019

It’s sad to have to say this, but welcome to the real world, Covington kids.

This is the world where you are not allowed to think for yourself, or have opinions, or defend yourself against the phony sanctimony of the likes of a liberal TV host(ess) and the people you expect to have your back, won’t.

By now anyone who cares to actually investigate the whole seamy incident has done so, and the others don’t give a flying…fig anyway.

One question.

Where in the name of all that is holy were the adult chaperones? These were juveniles under their care.

Perhaps the adults were also trying not to escalate the situation, but have they never heard of 911?

It was only by happenstance that the kid who found himself stuck in the forefront of that confrontation was not hurt himself, and that he had the common sense to know when he was outnumbered.

Speaking of missing adults, there seem to be a lot besides the chaperones who were and are still missing.

Like all of the Phillips-led group, the so-called Black  Israelites, Jessica Tarlov,  at least some of the faculty and administration of Covington, the archdiocese, and on and on and on.

Some of these kids will take the message that the left is trumpeting and join them out of self-preservation, others will never again let anyone know what their true political leanings are, some will coalesce into hardcore conservatives, and some sadly will just withdraw into a self-protective shell.

Sixteen and seventeen is early to learn the lesson of a tribalism far more vast than that of the Omaha Nation, but at least they will be better prepared for college, should they decide to go.

Nathan Phillips has had a highly checkered past, but one thing he has never been accused of is tolerance for the white race, particularly those who are “religious”.

Even if you excuse him partially for the misbegotten way in which he was severed from his Omaha family by well-meaning but boneheaded white people at a young age, he hasn’t used this latest experience to better his tribe (which fairly or not, is now being judged by his actions), Indian vets, or people in general. There’s no other explanation for why he denies or prevaricates about the facts that we can see in the videos other than he thinks everyone else is blind.

As for the other leg of the triangle, the Black Hebrew Israelites, just Google them.

If these hadn’t been predominately white kids, we could just about make a case for domestic terrorism here.

Once again, it’s too bad when you are forced to grow up so fast, but at least now the kids know what awaits them in college and the politically polarized world we live in today.

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