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OK kiddies…time to play nice.

January 24, 2019

It’s beyond rare for us to praise Joy Behar for anything, but at least she had the guts to say what the Schulosi twins won’t.

Joy admitted that the reason the anti-social media went after the Covington kids was because, and we are paraphrasing here, that Dems and liberals hate Trump so much and want him out of office so badly, that anyone and anything tied to him is fair game.

So, those kids’ only sin was wearing a MAGA hat, and that makes it OK to issue death threats against them and their school and families. Got it.

Not that the people can’t see that hatred, but it was refreshing to hear someone own it. So from us, good on ya, Joy.

Admittedly there is nothing good about people not getting paid for working. When President Trump “shut down” the government there is little doubt that he credited his enemies with enough compassion and sense of duty to come to the bargaining table and solve the border wall problem quickly.

And it is no surprise that we won’t be hearing a SOTU speech from the Pelosi-led House on the 29th.

There’s no doubt that if President Trump stuck his head in the door and told her the building was on fire, she would let it burn with her in it before she listened to him.

The problem is, at some point he is going to have to find some creative way to get people paid. A layoff is one thing, but unpaid labor is something else altogether. No normal employer could get away with it, and sooner or later someone is going to sue over it.

It’s neither smart nor fair for all the people working without pay to have to bear the brunt of the left’s hatred.

Quite frankly, since the House is in a mood to impeach, perhaps they should start with the Speaker. She took an oath to defend this country, not open its borders to the world, and her conduct would seem to indicate she is in violation of that oath.

And yes Virginia, there will one day be another Democrat (or Socialist) President, and  elephants have very long memories.

All that aside, we need to get used to the next two years being like this. Irrational hate is just that. Irrational.

If past performance is any indicator, the Schulosi twins and the Democrats will sell out anyone, as long as they can claim a Pyrrhic victory over Trump.

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