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January 25, 2019

As everyone is probably aware, the government will soon be open for three weeks, and people working for free will get their back pay.

Democrats will undoubtedly crow over the government shutdown hiatus, and radical righties will denounce Trump as a wuss, but a few hundred thousand government employees just heaved a sigh of relief.

Whether you think the President “caved” or simply was acting like the adult in the room, the question now is, what happens February 15?

The best case scenario is that he gets his border funding, including for the “wall”, but that’s by no means certain.

Pundits have decided that he “must” then declare a national emergency, which of course will promptly be stopped by one court or another.

We suggest that he spend the next three weeks figuring out how to get the House to censure and depose Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, should she continue her anti-Trump crusade.

Prior to two years ago, we would have said her Speakerness was too smart a politician to do that, but of course that was before the TDS outbreak.

There is little doubt that this action today will trigger the Ann Coulters of the right and give the left a over-confidant idea of their own power, but middle America still wants an end to illegal immigration.

Although Pelosi may think she “won” in reality all she has done is re-confirm many people’s certainty that the country needs more, not fewer Trumps.

With polls (for whatever they’re worth) showing that Americans, particularly the ones under 35, warming to socialism the Dems support for illegal immigration has some nasty implications for the country.

If you add to that all the people who have entered or stayed illegally and vote Democrat, that future is imminently possible.

Wait you say…they can’t vote.

Maybe not, but if more people voted in Los Angeles County than there were  U.S. citizens old enough to vote there, as has been claimed, the alternative to illegals voting is that someone has found a way to raise the dead.

And that’s not to mention the crimes that make the news that have been committed by people verified to be living here illegally. That also doesn’t even begin to count the crimes that never make the news.

In any case we’ll see what happens over the next three weeks. Maybe we’ll be witness to a miracle, and Congress will go back to functioning correctly again. Any bets?

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