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Who are the Dems “experts?”

January 28, 2019

According to various Democrat mouthpieces, they will consult with “experts” to decide about the efficacy of a border wall, barrier or whatever you want to call it.

So who are these sages?

One that is mentioned is the Inspector General of DHS. Never mentioned are the wives of the Border Patrol agents, who have offered to give the Speaker a tour at the Texas border to demonstrate the effects of illegal immigration.

It’s doubtful she’ll ever do that, since reality would interfere with her narrative.

The DHS IG is probably a decent enough sort, but the chances he or she ever worked on the border are slim to none.

It’s so much easier for the Schulosi twins to just cackle on like hens who just laid an egg about the immorality or uselessness of border walls.

That may have a lot to do with why they don’t want President Trump to give the SOTU. He has a disconcerting habit of bringing people to those speeches that do think and could prove that there is a crisis at the border, and that’s bad for business.

Now we have this three-week period during which the Speaker has said previously that there will be no border wall on her watch.

Maybe cooler heads will prevail, but it’s seems more likely that there will be a another confrontation on February 15.

Hopefully the President will quit threatening government employees with another shutdown, which didn’t help get anything done, and simply use the emergency declaration or some of the other remedies at his disposal.

As far as the argument that he shouldn’t use the declaration because Dems will use it in the future, that’s so much bilge water. It’s not as though they never heard of the tactic before.

One thing is sure. This is a fight he cannot stand to lose at this point, but it’s one that he’s going to have to use a lot more brain than brawn to win if he wants to discredit the leftist Democrat party at the same time.


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