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Election or cartoon show?

January 29, 2019

We admit it. We didn’t think the next presidential election could be stranger than the last.  We were wrong.

First you have the DCCC calling for a “mass uprising” to stop the President from shutting down the Mueller probe. This in spite of the fact he has not once even tried to fire anyone involved in the thing. Has he called it ridiculous? Sure, but so have thousands of others.

And now we have a whole slate of Democrats trying to see who can out-left the other candidates.  The front runner there (so far)  seems to be California’s Kamala Harris who has proudly proclaimed she’s anti-everything remotely resembling democracy, trading it instead for full-on government control of everything.

No worries though.  We’ll all be dead in twelve years anyway, according to the sage of the Bronx.

The problem is, there are some, maybe a lot of, people out there in liberal hotbeds like California and New York who think Harris is just spot-on, and Cali votes way early next year.

In the face of this lunacy, President Trump is already coming out with some of his famous labels (Da Nang Dick, etc.)

That just won’t be enough this time.

The President needs to take this election seriously. That’s not to say he needs to become some freeze-dried caricature of himself, but when he knocks someone, he needs to lead with why they are wrong, and not so much about their personality.

Hopefully he will recognize that when he gives the SOTU.

After all, he’s got a pretty good record up to now, the shutdown notwithstanding. That wasn’t a politically popular move, and there’s no way to spin it to make it popular. That said, it will be old news by  November next year.

It seems way too early to be paying attention to the primaries, but heck, with 15 or 20 or 30 people running,  there may not even be enough time to cover them all, even starting this soon.

In reality, probably well less than that will get any ink at all.  Some of them are just so much detritus already. Watch for 8 to 10 to make any serious noise.

As warranted we’ll comment when appropriate, but there is no way we will wear out a keyboard on every doofus that declares.

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