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Facts about KamKare.

January 31, 2019

First of all, no one is denied healthcare in the United States. Yes, emergency room care is expensive, but in comparison to the 3.2 trillion-dollar annual cost of universal healthcare for  all, it’s a drop in the bucket.

But let’s give Kamala Harris the benefit of the doubt and assume she means access to routine healthcare, like physicals and vaccinations. That brings us to universal healthcare.

First of all, Medicare isn’t free, even to seniors. They pay premiums too.

Second, it has deductibles and co-pays, just like any other insurance. For instance if you need an ambulance your mandatory co-pay under some Advantage plans is $275, and yes, you do have to pay that out of pocket.

Need to see a specialist? Be prepared to fork over at least $40.00, usually up front, just to be seen by the physician.

Are these a lot less than private insurance or Obamacare?  Yes, but once again it isn’t free.

Third, providers lose from 50% to 80% of their billed charges under Medicare. So, if a provider has covered charges of $100, Medicare will pay from $20 to $50 of that, and the provider eats the rest.

No provider can offer services at a loss. Even given that healthcare is overpriced, it isn’t over-priced by 50% to 80%. That could mean a lot fewer providers under KamKare.

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. It has a schedule of allowable procedures just like any other insurance.

Fourth, to get the most comprehensive healthcare, single-payer or government healthcare would have to follow the Medicare Advantage model, which covers (some) prescriptions and (some) added services like dental and vision care. The premiums for that are also on top of the basic Medicare Part B premium.

Also, to cover maternity, children’s and women’s healthcare, the “free” insurance would have to incorporate some of the features of Medicaid to be fully comprehensive. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

Someone needs to pin Kamala down as to just what her “free” health insurance would actually cover, and who really pays the cost.

Even if all the rich folks were taxed at 70% of the value of everything they own, that wouldn’t begin to cover the cost of healthcare, even basic healthcare, for 330 million people.

At some point every living person would be paying to make up the difference.  So much for “free.”

If you want to have something to compare KamKare to, try the VA. There is a reason why veterans are now allowed to receive care outside the VA model, and it isn’t just distance.

Under KamKare, where would you go to get service, if all private insurance is eliminated?

“Free” universal government controlled healthcare is a pipe dream, at least the way Kamala and other progressives frame it.

Couldn’t more uninsured people or those with preexisting conditions be made eligible for Medicaid instead?  There’s still a cost, but it would be far less than universal healthcare.

Don’t be an idiot. Research what KamKare is based upon and run the numbers. Otherwise, the shock you got when Obamacare wasn’t cheaper or better than private insurance will pale in comparison.

KamKare is the political equivalent of the stranger who pulls his van up to a kid and offers him a lollipop. Once you get sucked in, you’re gone in a lot less than 60 seconds.

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