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TGIF – February 1, 2019.

February 1, 2019

Is this what Roe v Wade was about?

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, the question of late term abortion should affect you.

If you are pro-choice, this issue is going to undercut all of your arguments over a woman’s right to make decisions for your own body, particularly when it comes to “abortion” at or very near birth.

Pro-choicers may have a point when it comes to terminating a pregnancy in the first 90-120 days, and we can debate that. But killing a full term child is by definition infanticide.  For instance, would Democrats be for a woman walking into the neo-natal unit and choking her baby to death, or cutting its throat? We hope not.

Pro-lifers on the other hand undermine their argument when they say that there is no medical condition a woman could have that would justify the termination of the pregnancy, even in the case of such things as receiving chemotherapy  or radical surgery for stage 4 cancers.

Governor Northam has tried to say that near or post-birth “abortion” only applies in the case of a child who is born with a condition that will soon take its life.

The key word here is born. Once the child is delivered, or is old enough to be delivered even prematurely and survives outside the womb, it is not a fetus.  It is a person in its own right. We can have discussions over whether to use extraordinary means to prolong the child’s life or just allow nature to take its inevitable course, but killing it is or should still be murder.

How have we gone so far off the rails that this is even a subject for discussion?

What if Mueller doesn’t come through?

Come through for Democrats, that is.

If at the end of this investigation, there is no Russian conspiracy? What in the world will Adam Schiff and the Schulosi twins do then?

Personally, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the investigation hang on through the 2020 election, but at some point, it will end.

Dems are having a field day with the indictments made to date on the basis of “you’re known by the company you keep”, but we notice they don’t offer up their own friends and confidants for investigation.

Wouldn’t it be fun to subject all of the Clinton circle to the same level of scrutiny that has been applied to Trump?

Bye bye, polar vortex.

With the extreme cold backing off for the moment, perhaps outdoor tailgate parties might be possible for Super Bowl Sunday.

Which leads us to ask…why do they have this extravaganza in the dead of winter? Wouldn’t it be just as super in March?

One thing’s for sure, no one is going to miss Canada’s contribution to the weather record books. Not that we want to be mean, but this is one Canadian export we could do without.

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