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Perfect timing.

February 4, 2019

With the SOTU scheduled for tomorrow, and the childish semantic war over the wall, or fence, or enhanced barrier or whatever you want to call it still ongoing, what could be better than 2500 caravaners hitting the Texas border on the same day?

Also of interest are the arrogant claims by some potential illegal entrants saying in interviews that they are coming in regardless of what the President says about it. One man even claimed they have a right to enter because the U.S. is rich and should support them because they are poor.  Not exactly grounds for asylum.

It remains to be seen how many will actually rush the border, but that attitude starts to sound more like an invasion rather than a simple exodus.

That’s a dangerous track for the migrants to take.

With reports that there are potentially another 12,000 migrants behind this initial surge, and Mexico not just allowing but enabling people to reach the border expeditiously, this whole thing could deteriorate quickly into a conflict between Mexico and the U.S.

Mexico reportedly receives in excess of $320 million in foreign aid from the U.S, as of 2017 figures. Central America receives many hundreds of millions more.

That could all be at risk due to the caravans, not to mention the tons of illegal drugs entering from our southern neighbors.

It seems the height of folly to pay other nations to send their unwanted citizens and illegal drugs to the border.

Cutting back even 50% on aid might find Mexico paying for the “wall” after all.

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