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What do you want to hear tonight?

February 5, 2019

We asked few people what they wanted to hear during the SOTU.

“Leon” – “I want to hear about money for infrastructure.  There’s two bridges in my town about ready to fall down.”

“Mark” —  “I would like him to make the so-called wall and border security a stand-alone issue. Democrats aren’t going to cooperate with him anyway, and DACA should just be part of the larger immigration discussion.”

‘Mary” — I want him to fix the cost of prescription drugs. Mine have tripled in cost this year.”

“Leah” – “All of it.”

“Joan” – “I hope he has border patrol people there, since Pelosi won’t even ask for their input.”

“Allan” – “The theme is unity, but I want to see how many people boo or hiss or do something disrespectful while he is speaking.”

In other words, people watch for many different reasons, but they watch.

Although the President is the one on stage, the entire Congress will also be on display.

Some would say that the legislative body couldn’t lose much more respect from the American people.  We beg to differ. They could go to zero approval.

Hopefully they know that.

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