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TGIF – February 8, 2019

February 9, 2019

Utopia unchained.

It might be piling on, but seriously, what universe did AOC escape from?

This 29-going-on-14-year-old lawmaker doesn’t seem to know or care how nuts her Green New Deal sounds.

Seriously, is she opting for forced isolationism by banning air travel?  Even Hawaii’s Hirono noted wryly that might be kind of tough for her state.  Maybe AOC is opting for the world’s longest bridges.

And that’s not to mention her socialist desire to pay people for not working, and give them free healthcare, education etc.

Disneyland is a bit south of Washington, Miss Ocasio-Cortez.

Question on climate change.

Scientists are reporting that the North Pole is rapidly moving toward Russia at the rate of about 30 miles a year. They say this is due to “…unpredictable changes in the iron in the Earth’s core.”

This has been occurring over the past 40 years, but the accelerated movement is fairly recent.

That’s about the same length of time that other scientists say we have been experiencing climate change or warming of the Earth.

Not to be too nosy, but what are the chances that might have more to do with climate change than us pipsqueak humans?

Hearing or kangaroo court?

The  House Judiciary Committee might have antagonized the wrong guy when they decided to go after the DOJ’s Acting Attorney General.

This was clearly an attempt by Democrats to portray AAG Whitaker as a lackey of President Trump.

One gets the sense that pushing this guy around might not be an easy task.

In addition, those who were able to watch the “hearing” got yet another illustration of just how useless our government can be, and without it having to try very hard.

To his credit, Whitaker frustrated Republicans as often as he did Democrats by refusing to answer questions that pertained either to conversations with President Trump or other administration officials about the Mueller probe or the probe itself.

The committee went looking to deliver a flogging and got a fight. Good for the AAG.

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