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Should we close the jails?

February 11, 2019

Media reports state that Democrats have thrown a monkey wrench into the “bipartisan” committee talks by seeking to lower the number detention “beds” ICE uses to detain criminal  aliens from somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30,000 to 16,500. Currently ICE is holding somewhere around 22,000 offenders.

To put that on a more personal level, would you be OK with reducing the number of prisoners your local jail can hold to half or less, and releasing the prisoners into your city or town?

That’s essentially what Dems are seeking to do, apparently in lieu of abolishing ICE.

Liberals, leftists and other pro-illegal immigration types apparently feel that if ICE can’t provide holding facilities for the illegals and criminals, they will stop arresting them.

Maybe instead, ICE could just release them in the upscale neighborhoods where the Pelosi’s of the world reside.

This leaves many people wondering just what we are supposed to do with these goons.

Just what part of criminal is it that the Dems support so vociferously?

It’s no wonder much of the populace is ready to eliminate Congress, and keep ICE.


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