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Real-life Green New Deal scenarios.

February 13, 2019

With all the commentary on AOC’s Green New Deal (GND), some people are asking whether and even how the government could even enforce some of its provisions. After all, it just sounds so silly.

Well, take gasoline powered cars as an example.

Obviously even the government probably couldn’t get away with coming to your home and crushing your car.

But it could:

Add a Federal environmental fee to your annual registration; Raise the price of gas to a level you couldn’t afford it, again via a tax or fee;  Buy and destroy all the used gas engine cars on the market (remember they already tried this once before, i.e. Cash for Clunkers) forcing you to buy an electric car when your 25-year-old sedan has to be replaced; or even impose an annual environmental tax on businesses unless they replace their fleets with electric cars.

Maybe this sounds crazy, but then that’s how socialism, i.e. total government control, works.

Then there are the buildings. Let’s say you heat your house with electricity produced by a fossil fuel power plant. They could mandate that you install solar panels, ala California,  or add a substantial carbon tax to your electric bill.

So before you write off the GND as some sort of creative fiction, understand that once you allow the government to woo you with free schools and free health care, you have essentially brought the whole camel into the tent, including the end that poops.

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