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TGIF – February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Can the FCC stop robocalls?

We sure hope so. Like a lot of people, we no longer answer our phone directly, due to these time-wasting, annoying and often illegal calls.

How many times have you scrambled to get your phone out or run for your landline only to catch the last 10 words of a robocall?   Arghhh!

And that’s not even counting the amount of money these calls have scammed out of people who still haven’t learned to hang up.

And to legitimate businesses who are too cheap to pay an employee, you will never get a return call from us, when all we get is 5 numbers out of your robo-message.

So, we wish Ajit Pai success in his campaign. We aren’t holding our collective breath, but good luck anyway.

 Why the Emergency Declaration? 

You have only to listen to Bobby Frank O’Rourke to know why.

Mr. O’Rourke was captured on film declaring he’d be just fine with taking down “some” of the existing border barriers.

Perhaps we could start with those in the sanctuary state of California. Tijuana is probably tired of feeding and housing Central America’s migrant population anyway.

Democrats and even some Republicans are all in a lather about the “precedent” the President is setting.

Where do they think Trump got his precedent from? Maybe from the dozen or more times former President Obama did it? Or Bush, Reagan or Clinton before him?

No one railed about them “setting a precedent.”

Several politicians and commentators have said he should have just sneaked it through, as Obama did with the $1.7 billion dollars he appropriated for Iran.

That isn’t this President’s style.

You can argue that by deliberately daring the Democrats to take him to court he is “creating chaos.”

Actually he’s forcing the Bobby Frank’s of this government to come right out and admit they are for no borders at all.

The President has learned a lot from his time in Washington.  So far he hasn’t embraced sneaky.

 And finally, a miss to Lara Trump

The President’s daughter-in-law reportedly advised him to get a dog because it would look good politically.

No one should own any kind of pet unless they want it. That’s a part of why shelters are overcrowded with animals their owners didn’t want.

And no one who voted for Trump gives a damn why he doesn’t have a dog. Maybe he or his wife or son is allergic, or maybe he thinks he has enough to do without having to care for a dog. Who cares?

Sorry Lara, but an unwanted pet is ignored, under-socialized and they know when they aren’t wanted. That’s not the definition of a good home, no matter how well-fed and physically well cared for the animal might be.

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