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One more to go?

February 19, 2019

Well, Bernie “I’m the official Socialist” Sanders is in the race now, so all we need for a full house is perennial election loser Joe “Hands” Biden.

Others may decide to give the race a go, but the “stars” are pretty much out there.

Just as he did last time, Sanders is running as an independent or third-party candidate but kind of within the Democratic Party. Maybe that helps him, but he, like Biden is still an old, white male.

So is he electable?  Judging from the amount of money he raised upon declaring, he certainly still has his base.

Biden on the other hand, while he gives every indication he’s going to pull the trigger, has a bit of built-in baggage in the MeToo era.

Throughout his career, he has been known to be very “hands-on” with women, some of whom have found it objectionable.

He is also not a native Socialist. Indeed his very appeal is that he may be able to woo the centrist Democrat voters.

In any case the opposition field is slowly firming up for the 2020 election. Ranging from the nearly unknown John Delaney to Sanders and Biden, and encompassing the obligatory women and people of color, the campaign field is just about ready to start trying to pick each other off.

That will certainly do for now as the electoral spectator sport, at least until after the primaries, which begin in New Hampshire February 11 of next year.

It will be interesting to see just how far left the voters decide to go, before the main event starts.

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