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It’s not Trump’s money, guv.

February 20, 2019

Note to California Governor Newsom…the money you don’t want to return is American taxpayer money.  It wasn’t a personal loan from the President.

Putting aside the wrangling over the border security funds, the question is, since some of the high speed rail project has been built, should California get to keep the money fronted by the Feds?

Most building contractors would tell you “no”, based on how banks treat construction loan advances.

Let’s say you want to build a house or an apartment building. The bank agrees to lend you “X” amount of money for your costs, and advances you say 15% of the funds so you can buy materials and begin the project.

Partway though you determine you can’t sell the building after it is done, so you cancel the project.

Does the bank just let you keep the money it advanced, as a gift or something?

Not just “no” but hell no.

It’s not the taxpayers’ fault that your high speed rail project is a massive boondoggle.

This cavalier attitude toward government funding is typical of many politicians. They seem to think that it’s Monopoly money.

A lot of taxpayers worked very hard for that money, and they have a right to demand that it be used responsibly.

Give it back, Governor.  If your state got ripped off by the contractors, then get it back from them. It was not a gift from us to you.

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