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TGIF – February 22, 2019

February 23, 2019

Look out, Phil.

While watching the snow pile up, one thought comes to mind. Wringing Punxsutawney Phil’s furry little neck.

Actually if you live in a high desert state, snow is a good thing, especially if you use irrigation water.

That doesn’t make it any nicer to deal with wind driven snow and skating rink roads.

Somehow though, it does set the mood for what has been a particularly nasty week of news.

First we have a narcissistic little creep who seems to think that making more money in a week than many people make in a year means he is somehow being disrespected.

With any luck Jussie Smollett can get free room and board for a few years.  Maybe that will make him appreciate what he had a bit more.

Then we have lachrymose Congress members upset because the President is trying to shut off the holes in the border because they wouldn’t, while at the same time we have a football team owner accused of partaking of the favors of sex-trafficked  “masseurs.”

And Andrew McCabe whose story changes every time he is interviewed. This guy changes his story more often than a fashion model changes outfits at a runway show.

And of course there is the Socialist New York congress-girl who is too dense to understand that the billionaires she hates generate jobs with their billions. Better no jobs at all than Amazon, right?

We could go on. And on and on and on, but you get the point.

There are some weeks when you should just turn off the tube and read a good book.

This was one of them.

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