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Roach control.

February 27, 2019

If you spent any time listening to the made-for-TV movie they are calling a committee hearing involving Michael Cohen, did you have a visceral urge to purchase roach spray?

The most interesting thing about the hearing was that Cohen’s shoulder seems to be just fine.

The rest of it seemed to be warmed over old news, other than him telling Congress that they were all crooks too.

Actually we mostly agree with him, but then roaches do exist in colonies.

Democrats may have hurt themselves putting this creepy-crawly on TV, because you sort of got the impression that he is performing  a pre-written script.

Cohen just comes across as a sleazebag no matter what he’s saying, and it’s hard to listen to him and believe anything he says.

Granted, we didn’t listen to the whole thing. Who could, unless they are into self-flagellation?

Maybe Cohen will hurt the President, particularly if something he says contradicts something in the written testimony Trump gave Mueller, assuming of course that there is proof Cohen still isn’t lying to Congress.

That remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure though.  Disbarring this insect was the right thing to do. Better late than never.

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