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Safe driving is your job too.

February 28, 2019

Now if they would only outlaw talking to kids too.

Florida legislators are reportedly planning on making it illegal to pet your dog while driving.

We get that it really isn’t about being dog-haters but about distracted driving. Thus the proposed legislation would also ban reading, writing and applying makeup while driving. It doesn’t say anything about rocking out to your favorite tunes while driving, but they’ll inevitably get to that someday.

But lately, and by that we mean in the last six months or so, we have nearly been creamed four times by people clearly preoccupied by their kids.

With the little darlings now relegated to the back seat, when they inevitably act like kids, and Mom or Dad looks or reaches behind the seat to give the standard “don’t make me stop this car” speech aren’t they similarly distracted?

We said we were nearly creamed.  The reason nothing happened is that we were watching the other drivers.

In one case at a four-way stop, it was not the other driver’s turn to go. Still, they started into the intersection anyway, all the while jawboning with kids in the back.

Perhaps we could make duct taping hands and mouths a requirement as well.

In short you need to be aware too. Watch the car pulling up to a stop sign.  Is he going too fast to stop? Or the person who makes a right turn from a stop sign when oncoming through traffic can’t possibly miss them unless it slows down or moves over.

In short, you need to think ahead too. One of the best pieces of driving advice is to drive like everyone else on the road is an idiot.

It won’t  stop every accident but it will help at least as much as not petting your dog.


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