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TGIF – March 1, 2019

March 1, 2019

The canary in the coal mine.

If the GOP’s motto is “Make America Great Again” the Democrat motto must surely be “Make America  A Socialist Nation” or so it seems.

So far there has been a tendency to differentiate between “establishment” Democrats and the so-called Democratic Socialists.

Enter AOC, and her threats to put nonconforming Democrats on a hit list to be primaried in their next election.

It’s easy to dismiss AOC as just another ill-informed spoiled brat who thinks she is somehow the star of the party because she got a participation ribbon simply for winning one New York district.

Given that the left’s presidential lineup has so quickly parroted her nonsense, that’s a mistake.

They aren’t doing that because of her, but because the very fact that she has received so much  publicity and virtually no reprimands from Nancy Pelosi shows them that a multiplicity of Democrat voters agree with her.

The left has been grooming the AOC’s, Bookers and  anti-Semite, pro-socialists like  mouthpieces Tlaib and Omar of the country as socialist sympathizers for four decades.

Just like any other snake oil salespeople, only the things young people found popular has been used to inform them on what socialism really means.

Free this and that, income without effort, combined with a healthy dose of climate change hysteria all sounds simply wonderful to the propagandized 18 to 34 year old would be voters.

Various polls show that between 48 and 55% of that age group see socialism as more “fair” than capitalism. They see working to achieve success as cruel and unfair. Real competition is a foreign concept to the participation trophy generation.

Quite frankly, garden variety GOP voters and even dyed in the wool conservatives have simply poo-pooed the threat of socialism for far too long.  Add to that the fact that the generation which best understands the threat is rapidly dying off, and we have a real problem facing us in the future.

That’s not to say that there are no young conservatives pushing back, even if that brings them a few black eyes from the “nonviolent” lefties.

AOC may not be President any time soon, but someone like her could, if GOP voters fail to understand what they are really voting for in 2020.


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