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Rand Paul sticks up for useless Congress.

March 4, 2019

Rand Paul has vowed to be the deciding vote to oppose President Trump’s declaration of emergency, citing it’s “unconstitutionality.”

What he is really doing is defending the do-nothing Congress in which he occupies a seat.

He states that he opposed Barack Obama’s use of executive orders and emergency declarations for the same reason, citing DACA.

What he fails to mention is that the former President employed that route for the same reason…Congress’ complete inability to deal with illegal or even legal immigration.

Paul says that because he and his cohorts only wanted to commit 1.3 billion dollars to border security, including a “wall”, the President should lie down like a good little doggie and shut up about it.

Paul seems to forget that the right to use the mechanism of emergency declaration is also defined by statute.

If that argument is viable, then why not simply ignore every amendment and regulation appended to the original Constitution since it was first written?

There is a good deal of chin music about the President acting like a king, but little about a Congress which abrogates it’s responsibility to the nation every time something gets a little controversial.

The ideal solution to declarations of emergency would be to repeal or redefine the statute, preventing either party from using it.

However that in itself is controversial, making it unlikely such a move would ever get to a vote.

We can argue over whether an extra million or so people infiltrating the United States illegally every year is an emergency or not.

But so far as this or any other President having the legal right to use a declaration of emergency, it’s crystal clear that under present law, the right does exist.

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