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Dems…or dims?

March 7, 2019

Democrats in Congress seem determined to prove that they are rapidly losing their mental faculties.

What started out as a move to reject anti-semitism as modeled by Ilhan Omar has now become an ethical challenge for Democrats, who are considering a so-called “indirect” rebuke. Considering, but not voting for.

Instead they want to include a general statement that also says no one should “dis” Muslims or Islamists either.

Well, duh!

Denigrating any group simply on the basis of race or religion should be a no-no in Congress, up to and including the much maligned “privileged” white folks.

Still, it seems kind of unfair to scold the whole class, when only one kid was throwing spitballs.

And then there were the anti-border security folks in the hearing with Kristjen Neilson of DHS. According to some Dimocrats, the mere fact that 76,103 people were apprehended in February alone didn’t seem to make much of an impact on the need for a strong border, including a wall or barrier where justified.

That brings up the question of the so-called cages, or detention areas that Dimocrats were whining about. We should build Motel 6’s or Holiday Inns for them?

BTW, wasn’t it Dims who wanted to reduce the number of detention beds, to 42,000? Where are we supposed to put the other 34,000?

Which also brings up the question; how many people who were not seeking asylum, but simply a way in, were not apprehended?

Two subjects have pretty much worn out their welcome in America today. They are the “get Trump” and “open border”  memes.

Congress hasn’t had a very high approval rating for a long time, but with the Dims in charge of the House, it could reach near zero well before the election next year.

One man asked “I wonder what would happen if we reduced the number of legal immigrants allowed in by the exact amount of illegals that get in? How loud would Pelosi and Schumer scream about that?”

Good question, considering that Dims conflate the two all the time. We have a limit of just over a million people per year that we accept as legal immigrants.  What difference should it make what their means of entry is?  Once we reach a million, cut the whole thing off. Works for us.

Dems or dims? What do you think?

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