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Someone heard us.

March 7, 2019

Back in December of 2018 I wrote a post detailing the harm that the “Opioid Crisis” response was inflicting on chronic pain sufferers, titled “The Opioid article you HAVE to read.”

Many of you shared your own experiences as your pain meds were severely curtailed or even cancelled.

I passed some of those stories along to writers, editors, and professional associations.

I suggested then that people with a lot more influence than ourselves needed to take up this question of chronic pain management and it seems that has finally happened, according to the Washington Post.

The people, and I might even say zealots, at the NIH and CDC clearly want to poo-poo the idea that chronic pain can be managed by opioids, but at least now they are being forced to look at the problem.

Maybe it won’t do any good, but at least the problem has now gone public, with over 300 doctors and other professionals bringing the problem into the national conversation.

The one thing that would help is for the media to note that opioids and illegal drugs are not synonymous. Hydrocodone is not the same thing as heroin.

No one denies that people do indeed overdose on prescription meds that they don’t even need. But those same people would overdose on anything available to them.

There has to be some modicum of common sense introduced to the “war on drugs.” Maybe this is a start.








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