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Spoiled children are not welcome.

March 11, 2019

Ever have to endure a kid who barges in on a adult conversation and proceeds to make themselves the center of attention?

That’s kind of where we are with AOC.

Most people will initially tell the kid to go play outside but if they don’t get the message they might exclude them from the room or even send them to their own room. A few will let the little darlings inflict themselves on the grownups, and then wonder why after awhile no grownups want to stay in the room

It’s time to send AOC to her room.

As possibly the worst advertisement ever for Boston College, Miss Cortez is very much like the attention-seeking child.

It is one thing when she can’t figure out how many branches of government there are, but her anti-corporate, anti-capitalism message doesn’t seem to account for the fact that if no one is working, there will be no one to tax.

That’s essentially what went wrong in Venezuela and other socialist countries.

Government can skim off the cream for awhile, but at some point, businesses that aren’t making a profit not only generate no taxes, but they won’t need to buy robots either.

That makes it kind of tough to provide everyone a free living wage.

Socialists need capitalism, a point that seems lost on AOC and her buddies.


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