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We already have socialism.

March 12, 2019

If you want to know how socialism would work in this country, forget about Venezuela. You have only to look at cities like New York.

Headlines note that New York City is running perilously close to bankruptcy, and tax-strapped high-income NY residents are paying the state an average ransom of $144,000-plus to leave the state.

The good thing is, they CAN leave.

Governor Cuomo wants to blame the exodus on the Trump tax cuts, particularly the provision that lowered the deduction for property and sales tax insurance to $10,000.

The truth is that if hadn’t been that, it would be something else.

NYC’s mayor DeBlasio, despite the warnings from financial types, still decided to add another $3 billion to the already problematic $89.2 million dollar city budget.

Money really doesn’t grow on trees, and once the city runs out of millionaires and billionaires to tax, the burden either will fall onto more of the middle class or all the liberal goodies will end precipitously.

The logical place to try to make up the lost tax revenue is to increase the sales and use tax bite. New York City already has a combined city and state sales and public transit use tax of 8.875 percent.

The point is, nothing is free.  Not schools, nor health care nor even transportation.

Remember that the next time you hear Bernie or Kamala or some other politician telling you how wonderful all their “free” stuff will be, if only you vote them into office.

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