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All media matters.

March 13, 2019

Over the past few weeks, much has been made over the DNC refusing to allow Fox News to handle any of the Democrat debates, and one George Soros-backed group is making it a point to try to get one of their prime time opinion hosts fired.

There is a reason why freedom of the press is so prominently highlighted in the Constitution.

Apparently Dems and other left-leaning groups think we need to eliminate that provision.

Fox has been portrayed by the other media as the “Trump Network.”

That would mean that there are five anti-Trump networks and one that if nothing else, covers Trump favorably in prime time.

That’s not to say that Fox  doesn’t have anti-Trumpers as regulars as well.

A case in point is Juan Williams, who almost never fails to reduce any subject to black against white and never more so than when discussing Trump or Republicans in general. Or Shepherd Smith, whose palpable dislike of the President  simply oozes off the screen. Of course he wasn’t a big fan of G.W. Bush either.  Mr. Smith tends to be an unapologetic liberal and Fox apparently doesn’t censor him, although he isn’t exactly a favorite with many of the Fox viewers. Even Chris Wallace occasionally allows his Democrat roots to show.

Wait a minute! Wasn’t Wallace on the debate monitor team? Ooops.

Opinion programs are just that. Opinions.

This post isn’t meant to be a love note to Fox. Instead it’s meant to point out that unlike the state-run media of Russia and China, we are supposed to have a free press.

63 million Americans voted for a Republican in 2016.  They have as much right to hear news and opinion that favors them as do the left-leaning voters who backed Hillary Clinton.

You don’t have to watch Fox or Tucker Carlson any more than you have to watch Joy Behar, but you do and should have the right to choose which one you do watch.

Any person or group that wants to take that right away from you is living in the wrong country

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