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TGIF – March 15, 2019.

March 16, 2019

No fat lady yet.

To no one’s surprise, the Mueller team is still playing.

Contrary to all the speculation, Mueller is still merrily rolling along, and in fact has extended the grand jury again.

It’s unlikely that he will wind down until everyone, including Roger Stone, that he has indicted has been tried and sentenced.

It’s unclear how long the new AG will play along with Mueller, but at some point, this is likely to try his patience as well, assuming he is as impartial as he sold himself to be during his confirmation.

This could take awhile, considering that Roger Stone’s trial date is way out in November.

Like we said earlier, don’t hold your breath. So far we can’t even see the fat lady.

Kroger and Walmart’s Amazon strategy.

Kroger and Walmart are reportedly now in full fledged online competition with Amazon. That’s obviously a survival strategy for them, but they need to keep their walk-in customers in mind too, particularly as regards price

Fred Meyer, a Kroger subsidiary, has recently been changing up brands, rearranging store shelves, and most importantly, raising prices.

Walk-in customers have noted that since the first of the year  brands they have purchased at Freddy’s for years have gone missing, and prices are up by an average of about 15%.

That’s apparently so their online customers can enjoy the “convenience” of having a (paid) clerk or associate shop for them.

Don’t get us wrong.  Shopping online is very popular but walk-in customers are still some of the stores best advertisers, and they aren’t all that pleased with subsidizing the competition.

Eggs are out again.

Another  group of “experts” has gone back a few years to once again explain that too many eggs are gonna kill you.

Is it just us, or are medical “experts” and dietary advice about to become the third most-distrusted group, right after politicians and the media?

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