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Movement seeks to circumvent Constitution.

March 19, 2019

Think we have to have a constitutional convention to eliminate the Electoral College?

Think again

Thirteen states, (California: Colorado: Connecticut: Hawaii: Illinois: Maryland:Massachusetts: New Jersey:, New York: Rhode Island: Vermont: Washington, D.C .and Washington) have entered into a compact to award all their electoral votes to whomever wins the  national popular vote.

That effectively means that compact could render the Electoral College useless even in 2020. Currently the above states control 172 electoral votes., and by and large they are all blue states.

That strategy could prove a bit embarrassing if the popular vote goes to the GOP, but the large population states are obviously banking on unaligned voters leaning Democrat nationally.

California, with 39,557,000 people represents 15% of the country’s population. New York state adds another 19.5 million and ranks third in population behind California and Florida.

Just those two states account for more than the total population of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, Maine, North Dakota and South Dakota, combined.

Effectively what means that should the The National Popular Vote interstate compact be adopted by just a few more states, red states would effectively have no voter impact whatsoever.

On a somewhat deeper dive, the compact is a sneaky way to turn the country socialist without having to work too hard to elect socialists.

That’s exactly the scenario the founding fathers sought to avoid when they proposed the Electoral College.

At some point the issue of state’s rights in bound to enter into this. SCOTUS may be forced to adjudicate whether this compact illegally seeks to violate the Constitution.

Somehow the idea of the United States of California just doesn’t have a very American ring to it

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