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Sour grapes or sedition?

March 25, 2019

To no one’s surprise, Democrats aren’t ready to quit trashing Trump, and they are bound and determined to “mine” the Mueller report for nuggets they can use against the President.

Who are these people?

There are two kinds of Trump haters. Some are what could be called cultural haters. They don’t like him because he’s white, a man, rich and/or speaks bluntly or even crudely at times.

The other type are political haters. Although they may say they don’t like him because he’s not a globalist, or he isn’t “green” enough, in reality they are afraid he will push them off the gravy train.

Sometime you get a combination of the two, and those seem to be the ones who just can’t seem to help trying to unseat him. These are the people who fell out of love with Bob Mueller and will never accept his findings on the issue of conspiracy or collusion.

The more Democrats snuffle around like pigs hunting truffles, trying to find things to attack him for, the more their efforts look like a coup, or more accurately, sedition.

It will be interesting to see if the now-awaited IG’s report makes note of a different sort of conspiracy.  Certainly the many texts that show the efforts or bias against the President even before he was elected sounds more serious than just personal dislike.

IG Horowitz made the surprising assumption that bias didn’t affect the FBI and DOJ personnel pre-election.  One hopes that he and his team have access to the Mueller report, or at the very least that he makes an honest assessment of whether some personnel are guilty of attempting to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States.



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