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W a-a-a-a-ah!

March 26, 2019

Despondent Democrats seem to be looking for ways to continue nipping at President Trump’s heels.

As the Pentagon approves a one billion dollar cash infusion for border security improvement, including the “wall”, Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) informed the Pentagon “it can’t do that” because it had to transfer some funds from another part of the military budget.

Actually that transfer of funds came from money that will not be used anyway.  The money is coming from an overage in funds for personnel salaries, but since the services haven’t met their recruiting goals, there is no one to pay the money to, meaning that it would just sit there unused until the current budget expires.

Then of course there is the “demand” that AG Barr make the entire Mueller report public in eight days, including all of the investigative information. The exact length of the report is unknown, but some have speculated that it is well over 800 pages.

Perhaps the AG can meet that date,  but if he can’t, we’d bet that he still knows how to say Kiss my A—, albeit politely.

And of course some unhinged Democrats are still screeching  impeachment, impeachment, impeachment to quote Auntie Maxine.

Give it up, people.

If you want to unseat the President, try developing some real policies and uh, yeah, winning the election.

Speaking of policies, how many of these crybabies can you imagine dealing with Kim Jung Un, Iran, ISIS, or China? “Here’s a few billion dollars, and oh yes, we took down those nasty walls, so could you please play nice?”

If you go to a Bobby Frank rally, why not ask him?


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