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March 28, 2019


Trump haters Schiff, Swalwell, Schumer and Co. appear to be in need of an intervention…or a padded room.

Moving on, what comes after the Mueller report?

Maybe working on things they were voted in to deal with, like health insurance and health care maybe?

We’ll let the media deal with whether and how the ACA is now unconstitutional, and offer up some ideas.

The ACA has been roundly criticized for its ever-escalating cost and humongous non-covered care costs.

First, no matter how little you like any government intervention in healthcare, federal programs like Medicare, Medicaid and the VA already exist, and the Feds will be involved to some extent.

So what can we do to make health insurance better?

Well, to start with, how about making premiums means (income) adjustable, by passing a law that the maximum deductibles and premiums combined, per person or family can’t exceed a certain percent of income.

Currently those deductible amounts are maxed at $7,900 for an individual and $15,800 for a family, versus $7,350 individual and $14,700 family in 2018.

This does not include the cost of premiums.  (For a look at how premiums are calculated visit here.)

Something concrete needs to be done about “pre-existing” conditions. By 30 or so, just about everyone has some sort of pre-existing condition. That’s probably where the Feds come in, first by defining which pre-existing conditions can be recognized, and then by creating a workable catastrophic plan, which might not be Medicaid or Medicare, but a separate plan designed specifically for that use whose costs and coverages can be reviewed independently.

Private insurance must be made competitive and available nationwide. In my state only two companies are even available. That skews affordability and competiveness drastically.

For some reason Democrats and Republicans alike are bent out of shape over the President’s pivot to healthcare.

Why?  Because it isn’t politically advantageous to have to make decisions about healthcare, since you’re bound to piss off someone.

Out here in the real world, we call that cowardice.

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