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TGIF – March 29, 2019

March 29, 2019

Haters gotta hate.

If you want to know why Democrats and their news publicists simply can’t accept that Putin isn’t hiding under President Trump’s bed, you have only to listen to Eric Holder.

Holder holds a generational grudge against America for a wrong that a Republican President righted 150-plus years ago.

That’s the kind of hate you can’t reason with.

Likewise those who believe that Hillary lost because Putin is hiding under the President’s bed or under his desk can’t be talked out of their beliefs. Trying to do so is an exercise in futility.

What you can do is quit giving them recognition by arguing with them. Vote against them, ignore them on Twitter, block them on your TV, and move ahead.

Will Trump close the border?

He says so, but seeing is believing. Mexico would have us believe they aren’t aiding and abetting caravans, but pictures of buses loading up the travelers belies that.  Presidente Obrador may be right when he says he isn’t causing migrants to leave their home countries, but Mexico also isn’t doing much to stop them from using his country as a super highway.

Even so, he seems to be amenable to at least providing some help, chiefly by allowing the U.S. to keep them in Mexico.

Given the thousands of migrants that will enter our country just this week, citizens in border towns may have to get behind the closure if they want to control the ill effects border penetration is causing.

Little guys can win.

Finally, if you are as tired of politics as we are, take a gander at some kangaroo rats defending themselves by kicking the chops of snakes trying to eat them. This really is a story you have to see to believe.


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