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The immigration issue Washington ignores.

March 29, 2019

Immigration is polling as America’s number one issue, but it’s unlikely politicians really understand all the nuances.

Some, perhaps even many people are beginning to ask why governors are not raising their own state defense forces to defend their states and citizens against the consequences of tens of thousands of illegal entrants every month.

Once the illegal aliens clear the border, they become essentially trespassers or at least unwanted guests on state lands.

Citizens speak of overcrowded classrooms, emergency rooms in hospitals overwhelmed by illegals, and wages being depressed by the ready supply of people who see $7.25 an hour as riches.

One man who spoke on the issue noted that if someone who is not an immigrant trespasses on his property he can have them put in jail and asks why this doesn’t apply to people dumped by the Federal government into his town.

These people are not satisfied, much less convinced by “asylum” claims, saying “Look we know that asylum is nothing more than one big con. Only a few percent can even prove that the grounds for asylum applies to them.”

To put it mildly, they are pissed.

One man suggested that his state’s governor simply refuse to accept the people released by the Feds.

Many of these people voted for President Trump because he promised to get a handle on illegal immigration, and especially now that the Mueller investigation is over they expect him to do it, by any means necessary.

They don’t see over 8,000 people entering illegally in just two days as getting a handle on it.

Most say that the President should close the border, and run the border crossers back into Mexico, again by any means necessary.

And they aren’t blind to how there got to be 8,000 people at the border. Another person noted:

“Mexico is providing transportation to the border by the bus load. Maybe it’s time to do something about that, trade be damned. How about we bill Mexico a few thousand dollars per border crosser? Maybe that would get their attention.”

And under the more reasonable objections, there is an undercurrent of people that believes that if the government doesn’t or can’t protect the border, maybe they can.

Politicians who ignore that do so at their own peril.

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