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Should cops oppose red flag laws?

April 1, 2019

After the Parkland shooting, law enforcement caught bloody hell for not locking up the shooter before he hurt anyone, and even more so for leaving guns in his possession.

The answer seemed to be “red flag” laws, and several states have passed them.

Now some law enforcement officers are refusing to honor the laws.

Our readers tend to be pro-Second Amendment, and many are NRA members.  We wondered what they thought, so we asked.

Almost to a person, they said that IF the red flag laws are fairly written and fairly enforced they were OK with removing firearms for a short period of time  Most thought a year was too long. saying things like this:

If you take away a person’s gun, then you need to go to court within say, 90 days and prove that they are a danger to themselves and others.”

What they worried about was the laws being used in a punitive fashion, and they all wanted some mechanism to be sure that didn’t happen.

As one man said “We shouldn’t ever have another situation like the Parkland murders happen again. On the other hand, just because two people, like a couple, argue a lot doesn’t mean you should take their guns away. The person who loses their guns should absolutely have the right to fight the order in court.

As for the sheriffs and law enforcement officers refusing to uphold the law, like a lady said;  “If you don’t like the law, then resign, or fight it in court. We don’t get to obey just the laws we like in this country.”

Do they think that this will lead to actual repeal of the Second Amendment?

That’s something we have to be on guard to protect. There’s no doubt that some in the government fear armed citizens. But refusing to disarm people like that creep who shot up the school is just stupid. That will turn everybody against legal gun ownership.”

So there you have it.

Over 100 million people in the U.S. legally own firearms. They hunt, they participate in shooting sports or they simply have a gun to protect themselves.

They don’t go around randomly shooting school kids, and they don’t support people who do.

That said, it would behoove anti-gun groups to understand that they also intend to back the Second Amendment to the hilt.

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