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Democrats – already a bridge too far?

April 3, 2019

As Democrats made good on their threat to seek subpoenas to force AG Barr to release the full unredacted Mueller report and all of its more than one million supporting documents, have they already gone too far?

In addition to that move, we have Adam Schiff coming very close to an outright threat against the Justice Department itself, not just Mueller.

Things like this keep people asking…What are these people so desperate to hide?

That nagging feel of unease got Donald Trump elected in 2016, and the ensuing two-and-a-half years have exposed a lot of chicanery on the part of Democrats.

Add to that the seeming Democrat infatuation with socialism, and you have a decided tilt toward these voters repeating their 2016 decision.

The continued assault on the President is now, more than ever before, starting to look a lot less like sour grapes and more like a determined effort to effect some very disturbing changes to the country itself.

Reinforcing that feeling is the way some Democrats seem determined to take out any Democrat who even smells slightly like a moderate.

GOP-inclined voters have so far been putting their money where their mouths are. As of January 31, the Trump campaign reported over 19 million dollars in its war chest.

It’s likely that Nadler’s move today will loosen up even more cash, even though it is still very early in the campaign cycle.

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