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TGIF – April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

Is Howard Schultz 2020’s Ross Perot?

Although most political watchers think President Trump has a better than even chance of winning in 2020, given the far-left focus of Democrats, there is no doubt that there is a large contingent of voters who aren’t happy with either party.

GOP voters are upset that President Trump hasn’t so far been able to drain the swamp, while more than the usual number of Democrat voters feel their party has stampeded so far left that it no longer represents them.

These people tuned into the Schultz town hall on Thursday.

Most felt that he came across as “liberal-light” but he didn’t scare anyone off. They don’t think he can win, but he did well enough for them to consider him for a protest vote. Some who also voted for Perot in 1992 remarked that he sounded very much like Perot.

Unlike Perot, Schultz came out early with his position on some key issues, including third trimester abortions, which he doesn’t support.

Perot managed to garner nearly 19% of the vote and reduced Bill Clinton’s margin of victory substantially, reportedly by as much as seven points. If Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, learns from Perot’s mistakes, he could become a spoiler.

Two miles of fence.

President Trump showed off two miles of completed “wall” today, giving us a look at what the next two years could produce in his bid to protect the southern border.

While it was nice to see what a few tens of millions of dollars is buying in today’s market, it’s real impact was made obvious by the law enforcement and CBP personnel who explained it’s real effect on their efforts to control illegal border crossings and protect their employees.

The President also reiterated his view that Mexico was “helping” enough to stave off closing said border for now.

Some of his detractors are giving him hell for changing his mind on closing the border at this time.

It seems like after two-plus years it should be obvious how the President negotiates. First he’ll tell you the worst than could happen and then he waits to see if you got the point.

It seems as though Mexico has, at least for now, gotten the point.

Do illegal entrants have to pay “reparations?”.  

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about 21st century U.S. residents paying reparations, i.e. cash payments for the sins of our (mostly white)18th century ancestors.

Some might say we’ve been doing that at least since the mid 1960’s, in the form of various affirmative action policies.

Here’s the thing. To be fair, these reparations should only be paid by the descendants of those slave owners. Many people, even in the 16th, 17th and 18th and 19th  centuries did not own slaves. Some couldn’t afford it, and others were always against the practice.

And no one who immigrated to this country after 1865 ever owned a slave.

The Democrats and certain race-baiters seem to think this is a winning argument for them.

Like a lot of this claptrap, this sounds better than it will perform in practice.

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