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The Hitler-esque left.

April 8, 2019

Is Bernie Sanders reading Hitler’s propaganda in the original German, or using a translation? We don’t know, but reading it he surely is.

Back in the 1930’s Germany wasn’t doing very well economically, the result of their involvement in WW One.

Along comes Hitler, and convinces the populace that the problem was that the Jews were hoarding all the country’s money.

Fast forward to 2019, substitute “capitalist” for Jew, and “socialism” for “Reich” (which essentially means kingdom) and you have Bernie’s and the other socialists’ platform.

All of the so-called progressives, or as they prefer, democratic socialists, must convince enough voters that because capitalism doesn’t make everyone equally rich, they must embrace total government control of everything, or in other words, socialism.

That kinda works, because what socialism does is leave everyone (except those in the government) equally poor, which is after all, a form of income equality.

Will that work in today’s America?

Probably not right now, but if we keep indoctrinating our young people one day in the not too distant future, it might.

“Free” is a siren song, especially to the 18-30 crowd who feel they are being crushed by student loan debt that they weren’t smart enough or experienced enough to avoid.

What’s really the hoot about all this hoopla is that it’s being touted by an old, kinda rich white guy. Kinda, because his net worth is estimated at “only” about two million dollars. That puts him way behind the estimated net worth of Elizabeth Warren, authoress of the wealth tax scheme,  whose assets and income are estimated at just above $8 million. That’s still below $10 million.

Has anyone noticed that the so-called “wealth tax” is set to incomes high enough that it leaves a lot of Democrats unaffected by it?

As of right now it appears that most of us are still striving to earn as much as we can, more or less on our own.

Even so, 44% of the population does not pay any Federal income tax at all, up 2% from 2016, prior to the TCJA tax cuts.

It may well be that the rich will have to pay more, just to keep the books balanced. Most of the truly wealthy can see that.  We will either have to cut back on national spending drastically, or get more money from somewhere.

Although it’s really old news, one of those greedy capitalists, Ken Langone, last year made it possible for medical students at New York University Medical School to graduate tuition free. Seems like he’s noticed you can’t take it with you, and perhaps has also noticed that we are graduating too few doctors to serve the country.

Darn those greedy capitalists anyway. It’s so hard to demonize them when they do things like that.

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