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April 9, 2019

Perhaps you were a bit tired of hearing the President call the Mueller investigation a witch hunt. After all, several Presidents have been investigated by a special counsel.

Maybe like others you are wondering why an entire political party is so dead set on unseating a duly elected President.

And if you were really an optimist, you thought that if the President was found not to have “colluded” with Russia, all this claptrap would cease and Congress might start governing.

Silly you.

If you watched any of the appropriations committee questioning of AG  Barr, you could be forgiven if you thought that you were watching Nadler’s judicial committee

Apparently Democrats don’t care what the DOJ spends money on.  They only care about grilling the AG about how he could possibly have found the President innocent of collusion and calling the AG a co-conspirator of an obviously guilty President.

And this in advance of seeing the report, in any fashion.

In other words, you could watch a lot of hemorrhoid-laden bare butts mooning the nation.

This is beyond old and tired. Why are we paying these douche bags to act like this?

The sad thing is, this isn’t new. This is the way Congress is and has been for decades. It just took Trump’s election to expose it.

Hopefully we the people wise up in the next Congressional election.


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