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Much to-do about everything.

April 17, 2019

Having what we believe is a healthy skepticism for “polls” we decided to ask around to see how many real people will read the Mueller report, as well as whether it will change any minds.

Out of 27 people identifying as “independent” that we asked, just 2 said they would read it end-to-end. Largely, their responses were along these lines:

Read 400 pages? No.  I might skim the conclusions. Do I care what it says? Look, Mueller was sent out to find a crime to fit the Democrat’s  collusion talking points. Just the fact that he didn’t is enough for me. I’m probably a Trump voter and the report would have to have something pretty bad in it to change my mind”

Likewise people who either don’t like Trump or are just tired of politics in general care even less than that about the report.

Note that last group.

Many people who were generally infrequent or even non-voters prior to 2016 voted in that election.

We (the national “we”) have been brought up to believe that by voting our convictions, we can effect change through nonviolent means.

People now feel that maybe that’s not always true

As we have said before many of those 2016 voters had a sense of unease after eight years of the Obama presidency, largely due to number 44’s ongoing put-downs of America.

Whether it was “change” or just a need to know why any American President would do that, those people voted against Hillary and her party.

For those voters, they were looking for that transparency candidates always go on about.

No one thought that Democrats would be happy about her defeat, but few if any thought that Democrats would actively work against a duly elected President after the election.

The last 24 months have proven to many that their vague uneasiness about Democrats was well justified, and turned many who were at best lukewarm about Donald Trump into staunch supporters.

Others are just retreating into political somnolence again, and that’s not a winning strategy for either side.

President Trump has a habit of stepping all over his own successes, just because of the style of his messaging.

For instance he still loves to assign nicknames to his opponents, which at this point in this election cycle tends to look sophomoric.

It isn’t disloyal for Trump supporters to expect more of him, especially given that now he knows that style is costing him votes.

This early on he is wasting time by trying to nickname every candidate in an attempt to marginalize them.

He would do better to run against the 20 or so candidates en masse because of their Democrat policies and leave the name-calling out of it, at least until just two or three of them remain.

Democrats at this point are doing a pretty good job of digging their own political graves. Who are we to stop them?



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